Our 1989 Pontiac Safari station wagon will make you look twice.  If it isn’t obvious by now, we love sleepers – the cars that look sedate but pack some serious punch.  We can’t hear the voices in other people’s heads, but we imagine they say things like:  How did Aunt Gertie’s wagon just whip that 1st gen Camaro on the autocross?  Well you’ve come to the right place to answer important questions like that.

Shaken & Stirred was designed and built in-house here at Three Pedals, and we drive the wheels off (literally) every chance we get, including lots of track time and road trips.  Our wagon dominated the burnout competition at Holley LS Fest East 2017, drove cross-country in 2018, and made some smoke for the fine upstanding fans of Hoonigan.  And the answer is yes – it still gets groceries.

And now to answer “why” – because we can!  And just as importantly, our wagon has been running our prototype G-Body pedal assembly, click here to learn more.

And of course we can build a car for you – let’s start the conversation.  Now dive into the world of Shaken & Stirred – long live the long roof!

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Products Used in the Build

  • ’91 – ’96 GM B-Body T56 Crossmember

    $599.00 $550.00
  • Bellhousing for LS / LT to T56

    $756.95 $680.95
  • Exedy Twin Disc LS Semi-Metallic Clutch with Forged Cover

    $2,829.25 $2,404.78

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