Reverse Lockout

Don’t settle for less with your T56 or TR6060 swap!  Hitting reverse by accident is not good, and luckily it’s easy to fix.  Don’t let the 4th to 5th shift scare you anymore.

For background, Tremec T56, Magnum, Magnum F, and TR6060 transmissions offer a reverse lockout feature.  When equipped with this from the factory, the vehicle’s computer usually engages the reverse lockout solenoid once you hit 3 MPH.

When you shift from 4th to 5th, a little too much effort moving the lever over can cause you to enter the reverse shift gate.  With a reverse lockout feature, you’ll never do that again!

Mechanical lockouts are the easiest to install.  Electronic controllers give you factory-like function and require wiring to operate.  And if you don’t want reverse lockout at all, we offer a cover plate to delete reverse lockout.