Three Pedals #1


Three Pedals #1: Our 1995 Caprice has been in the family since around 2001 when our General Manager, Seth Betaharon, purchased it at a police auction.  Formerly an unmarked Virginia State Police car, at auction time the car wore original paint except for the driver’s side quarter panel.  Now the car is owned by our President, Josh Korsower, and has new smoothie bumpers and newly painted mirrors, but otherwise the paint is mostly original – looks amazing for a 20+ year old GM.

The car was previously known as BBHP 41, as it had our B-Body High Performance 6 speed conversion kit we installed years ago. Since 2014 the car has served as our test mule for our second generation 6 speed conversion kit.

BBHP #41 Originally built in 2003BBHP #41 Throwback

We recently installed our full Magnum 6 speed conversion package, including a new Tremec T56 Magnum 6 speed transmission, and the car is currently being used to test our coil over suspension package.  We will be posting in depth technical articles in the coming months, in the meantime we’re hoping to get the orange L92 in there.



three_pedals_1-2 three_pedals_1-3 three_pedals_1-4 three_pedals_1-5 three_pedals_1-6  three_pedals_1-8 three_pedals_1-9 three_pedals_1-10 three_pedals_1-11  three_pedals_1-13 three_pedals_caprice_t56magnum-1 three_pedals_caprice_t56magnum-2 three_pedals_issca_2016_day1-20  three_pedals_issca_2016_day1-31

1995 Caprice 9C1 6 Speed1995 Caprice 9C1 6 Speed 1995 Caprice 9C1 6 Speed gets a new throwout bearing



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