three_pedals_shaken_and_stirred-115-1Today Three Pedals debuted our latest build, Shaken & Stirred, at Holley LSFest 2016 where are proud to sponsor the Rumble drag racing class.

Shaken & Stirred is a 1989 Pontiac Safari station wagon and features a 550 HP all aluminum LS3 V8, T56 6 speed manual transmission, full coil over suspension, Corvette disc brakes, and our favorite feature, a “shaker” hood scoop.

Shaken & Stirred is our prototype vehicle used in developing our all new manual transmission conversion kit for ’77 – ’90 GM B-Bodies (Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Impala, Pontiac Safari, Pontiac Bonneville, Pontiac Parisienne, Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, Buick LeSabre, & Buick Estate), featuring our proprietary integrated clutch and brake pedal assembly and our proprietary transmission crossmember.


Our favorite feature of the car is the “shaker” hood scoop, which we fabricated using a mix of factory, aftermarket, and custom parts. This is our nod to the Pontiac Trans Ams of the 70’s that ran a shaker hood scoop. The scoop was attached to the engine and therefore moved with the engine, and protruding through the hood, the scoop would visibly shake. Ford and Chrysler also had versions of the shaker. And now we offer custom shaker assemblies.

Prior to us getting the keys Shaken & Stirred had accumulated 94,997 miles on its original carbureted Oldsmobile 307 and 200R4 4 speed automatic transmission. The body is in pretty good shape and the interior is near perfect, so we got rid of everything else.

The engine is a 6.2 liter (376 cubic inch) LS3 engine from a 2010 Camaro. Our sponsor Mast Motorsports provided the “SS” cam and spring package, wiring harness, and M90 ECU which bump horsepower from 426 to 550. Mast also provided their Old Skool throttle body adapter which was part of the formula to get our LS running with the shaker hood scoop.  For accessories, we added a Kwik Performance air conditioning bracket to the donor Camaro alternator and power steering.  Kooks long tube stainless headers have 1 7/8” primaries and a 3” exit, and travel through our custom 3” full dual stainless steel exhaust system.


Our Tremec T56 Magnum is rated to handle 700 ft/lb of torque. Connecting the LS3 and T56 are a Quick Time SFI rated bellhousing and McLeod RXT twin disc clutch and flywheel combination. In order to retain the factory bench seat we are taking advantage of the multiple shift locations offered by the T56 Magnum, and using the forward most transmission mount.

Our sponsor Inland Empire provided a 3.5” high speed balanced aluminum driveshaft with a heavy duty slip yoke sized for the T56 Magnum and a heavy duty u-joint to mate up to the GM 10 bolt rear axle. The axle is located by Metco billet aluminum lower control arms and adjustable upper control arms. Inside the axle is a set of 4.10:1 rear gears by Motive Gear, an Eaton Truetrac differential, Moser heavy duty axles and carrier studs, and new outer axle bearings and seals. We installed everything using an install kit with Timken bearings, same as OEM.

Corvette C5 calipers are used all around, with 13” discs in front and 12” discs in the back. Wheels are American Racing Torq Thrust II, 20” x 8” front and 20” x 10” rear.

And big thanks to JBL Specialty Automotive for hood and scoop paint and Corey Robbins for the graphics.


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