Three Pedals #2, our 1995 Impala SS, is getting a rebuilt T56.  We’ve had this one on the shelf for a while – it’s an LT1 version, as found in ’94 – ’97 F-Bodies (Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am) and it needed a new input shaft bearing.  Of course, the getting to the input shaft requires completely disassembling the transmission, so we made a short video of the process and took a few photos.

Three Pedals T56 - tail housingThree Pedals T56 - removing the mid case
Three Pedals T56 - mid case Three Pedals T56 - shift detents in the mid case Three Pedals T56 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears Three Pedals T56 - input shaft inside front cover
Three Pedals T56 - 5th and 6th gear partsThree Pedals T56 - the gutsThree Pedals T56 - 1st - 4th cluster gear
Three Pedals T56 - inside the mid case Three Pedals T56 - output shaft and guts

Three Pedals T56 - output shaftThree Pedals T56 - the culprit input shaft bearing

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