G-Body Pedal Assembly Sensors

Our G-Body pedals are ready for all the electronic sensors you can think of, and possibly more.  Your original sensor, or sensors, are ready to install with our 3D printed sensor mounts.  For an overview of clutch pedal electronics please visit our Manual Conversion FAQ.

You may or may not wish to purchase extra sensors, explained and available below

Neutral Safety Switch

Brake Light and Cruise Control Sensors

In the video below you can see how the sensors interact with our pedal arms.

For Every Vehicle

Strongly recommended for every vehicle is a neutral safety switch.  When wired in, this switch prevents the vehicle from being started unless the clutch pedal is fully depressed.

Our pedal assemblies include a bracket to mount an OEM GM neutral safety switch.  We offer the switch and OEM wiring harness, as well as a complete kit with the wiring supplies you’ll need to install this properly and securely.

Vehicles Without Cruise Control

Without cruise control, your brake light signal is the only vibe sent by your brake pedal.  Our standard 3D printed brake light sensor mount will hold your OEM brake light switch in place and offer adjustability, just like the OEM setup.

Replacement brake switch is offered below – click here.

Vehicles With Cruise Control

With cruise control, in addition to your brake light sensor you’ll want two additional sensors in your pedals – reuse your OEM cruise control cancel switch for the brake pedal, and add an OEM cruise control switch for the clutch pedal.  Our larger 3D printed multi-sensor mount will hold all three switches.

Optional OEM switch and wiring harness are offered below.

For Racers, California Cars, and Nerds – CAN Bus Clutch Position Sensor

Do you:

  • Run an OEM LS or Gen V LT computer?
  • Run Holley fuel injection?
  • Live in California and have you swapped in an LS or Gen V LT engine into a 1996 or later vehicle?
  • Race?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we think you’ll want our clutch position sensor bracket.  We offer our kit with a laser cut bracket that directly attaches to our pedal assembly in a couple of minutes with the included hardware, as well as a new OEM clutch position sensor and wiring harness.

Configuring this in your computer is up to you;  it’s relatively straight forward with the OEM computers and HP Tuners.  Configuration effort depends on what you want to do, but basic integration is straight forward.  If you need help configuring, please contact us.