Pedal Assemblies

Key Features of our Exclusive Pedal Assemblies

We’re big on ergonomics – the pedals are right where your feet are expecting them, and the brake pedal location is optimized for heel-and-toe downshifting.  After driving a 1996 Chevy Impala SS with our 6 speed manual conversion package, AutoWeek Magazine wrote:

“The pedals and shifter feel and look as though they could have been a factory installation”

AutoWeek Magazine, May 15, 2017

Race-Ready, Street-Friendly

We assemble each pedal assembly in-house with steel pedal arms and heavy duty Oilite bushings, ready to install in your car.  OEM fifth generation Camaro pedal pads are included, and billet aluminum covers are available separately.  We torture test our designs, and our wagon Shaken & Stirred happily demonstrates.

OEM Quality Feel

We designed our pedals to feel like a new sports car’s pedals – with easy pedal pressure and perfect pedal positioning.  Your feet will find the pedals without you looking or thinking, and the clutch is easy to modulate.  If you’re heel-and-toe downshifting you’ll appreciate our pedal positioning that much more.


Our pedals work with every engine, and with every transmission that works with a hydraulic clutch.  This includes the T56, TR6060, TKO500, TKO600, T5, Muscle Car 5, Richmond, and many many more.  Our pedals use the Tilton 78-Series master cylinder, available in 7 different bore sizes.  We will help get you set up with the perfect size for your application.

Modern Electronics

Your OEM brake pedal light sensor plugs right into our pedal assembly.  If you’re running cruise control we separately offer cruise control sensors & brackets with either the style from back in the day or the latest CAN bus style for those who want to interface with LS/LT computers.

Easy Installation

Our pedal assembly is a direct replacement for your stock brake pedal and is a very straight forward installation.  We include a firewall drilling template to make it a stress-free job, and we include a rubber firewall seal to finish off your car like an OEM would do it.  And we will guide you on selecting the right parts to finish your car.